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To our Valued Patients,

Firstly, we hope that this finds you all healthy and doing well. Our community has gone through a lot of changes, but what remains the same is our dedication to your safety.

Covid-19 Protocols for West Landing Dental

Although cases of Covid-19 are low in our area, we are beginning to see a rise in numbers of active cases throughout Saskatchewan. West Landing Dental is following all the infection control recommendations from the Sask Health Authority and the Canadian/Saskatchewan Dental Associations in an effort to flatten the curve.

We want to say thank-you to those patients who inform us before arriving if they or anyone in their immediate family are feeling unwell or awaiting a Covid-19 test result. We will do our best to reschedule your dental appointment once you are symptom free.

At this time, our waiting room is closed to patients and parents. We ask that if you are waiting for a patient, please remain in your car. We will call you when the patient is ready to leave. Because appointment times can vary in length and we may finish early, we ask that you remain in the parking lot and not run any errands to avoid having the patient wait in the waiting room.

We are staggering appointments and allowing greater time between patients so we can optimize social distancing and allow proper disinfection protocols to occur. To maintain patient flow, please arrive at your designated appointment time. These steps have slowed us down and that means you may be offered fewer options for scheduling future appointments. Please have patience as we are doing all we can to accommodate individual needs and at the same time fight the spread of Covid-19.

Upon Arrival:

- You must wear a mask. NO EXCEPTIONS. You may wear your own mask, otherwise we will provide you with a disposable one.

- Come alone. Patients will not be permitted to bring additional people to their appointment. Minors are allowed one adult to bring them to the clinic but are not allowed to accompany them into the operatories (NO EXCEPTIONS). The waiting room and operatories are closed to parents. Very young children’s first visit chair rides will have to wait until the restrictions are lifted.

- 6 Feet social distancing when possible. When you arrive, please look through the glass door to make sure no one is waiting to enter or exit. You may not enter until that person has vacated the vestibule.

- Please Wait in the Vestibule until a staff member can greet you. At this point you will be provided with a mask and your temperature will be taken with a non-contact infrared thermometer. If you have a fever greater than 38C, you will not be able to enter the clinic.

- Once screened in the vestibule, you will be invited into the clinic. We will ask you to hand sanitize and review and sign a Covid-19 health questionnaire. For this reason, children under 18 years of age, will still need their parents to come in with them and do this.

- You will then be escorted to your operatory. At this point, we ask all parents to return to their vehicles and await our phone call. Once seated, you will be asked to rinse with a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution for 1 minute before any procedure will commence.

- Once your treatment has concluded, we will ask you to hand sanitize before a staff member will escort you to the front desk. To comply with the social distancing rules, we will ask you to minimize your time at the front desk. Prolonged time spent will affect other patients arriving and departing. Please call ahead of your appointment if you need to make any changes to your address or insurance information. As well, if you need to book multiple appointments for yourself and family, we ask that you check your availability at home and call back to arrange these appointments.

- Leaving the office. As with entering, please ensure the vestibule is clear before departing.

The staff of West Landing Dental are dedicated to your health and safety. Your active participation with our protocols, will make it safer for you and other patients to receive the best possible care during this pandemic

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