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West Landing Dental in Regina provides a comprehensive array of dental services for patients of all ages.

We have provided links to the Canadian Dental Association website which is a wealth of information on general dentistry.

Comprehensive Oral Examinations and Professional Cleanings

Preventive dental care is key to long-term oral health. Our dental office provides regular teeth cleanings and comprehensive dental exams. During your dental visit, we will observe not only your current dental health, but also discuss your medical background, your life circumstances, dental needs, and aesthetic concerns. Also at every examination, we perform an oral cancer screening. Our dental team can provide deep cleanings to prevent or reverse gingivitis and other stages of periodontal disease and also provide tips to optimize your at-home dental hygiene regimen which will keep your mouth healthy between visits.

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Children's Dentistry

Children's dentistry is a division of its own that West Landing Dental also provides. As children's jaws are still developing, baby teeth are being lost and adult teeth are growing in, it is important to closely monitor this development to detect and correct any problems early on. Instilling oral health habits in children when they are young, is also important because it helps foster a hygiene routine they will continue to follow. The staff at West Landing Dental will educate your children on the importance of brushing, flossing and going to the dentist regularly, while monitoring them for cavities, proper teeth and jaw development, and referring them to a specialist when needed.

Drs. Penkala and Halstead have excellent skills when treating young patients. They encourage dental exams to begin with young children as soon as teeth start to erupt. Initially, this maybe just a quick visual inspection. However, with time, children become accustom to dental exams and cleanings.

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If you or your child are experiencing crowded, unevenly spaced, or less than straight teeth, West Landing Dental can provide orthodontic care for patients of all ages. We utilize convention braces as well as Invisalign® to achieve optimal results.

As an alternative to braces, West Landing Dental is certified to provide Invisalign®. This modern approach to straightening teeth uses a custom—made series of aligners created to fit your teeth—and only your teeth. They are made from smooth, comfortable, almost invisible plastic that is placed over your teeth. These will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place through exact, pre-planned movements for your teeth and jaw. Every two weeks, you'll change out your aligners to move through each stage of the treatment. The best part of using Invisalign® is that no one will be able to tell you're straightening your teeth. They work for you with minimal interruption in your daily routine.

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If you have a cavity, the dentists at West Landing Dental will provide a tooth-coloured or metal filling. This process involves cleaning out the decayed area to stop further decay and infection, and the filling material will restore your tooth to its original shape.

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Crowns cover damaged teeth and are often applied following a root canal. These appliances protect your teeth from further damage and are used to preserve the remaining structure of that tooth.

At West Landing Dental, we typically use one of three types of crowns: full gold, porcelain or porcelain fused to gold. New to our practise is the introduction of the TRIOS 3SHAPE SCANNER. Traditionally, impressions of teeth are taken with a "rubbery" material in a tray which is sent to a lab where a crown is fabricated. With the TRIOS 3SHAPE SCANNER the need for traditional impressions has been eliminated. As of March 2017, we are excited to provide this new technology to you.

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Bridges & Dentures

For badly damaged teeth, we also provide bridges. A bridge fills in the gap between two teeth where one is missing. We also offer partial and full dentures, which are used to completely replace one, a few, or all teeth after you have suffered bone loss. Our dental team can consult with you to determine if dentures are right for you.

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Bonding & Veneers

We can also change the color, shape, or spacing of your teeth through bonding and veneers. Bonding can make minor repairs to teeth using a composite resin. Veneers are thin shells attached to the front of teeth and are available in composite or porcelain.

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If one or more of your teeth are missing, there are a number of ways to replace them. An alternative to bridges, partials or complete dentures may be dental implants. Implants are used to replace missing roots and support artificial replacement teeth. They are comfortable and look like natural teeth.

At West Landing Dental, we are able to help you diagnose your implant needs, and develop a treatment plan to restore your bite and smile.

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Root Canal Therapy-Endodontics

West Landing Dental provides root canal therapy, which is the process of removing pulp from the inside of the tooth to treat infection and stop tooth pain. A crown (or cap) is usually applied to the tooth following the root canal procedure.

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While we will do everything possible to save your teeth, sometimes extractions are necessary. Our Regina dental office also provides wisdom teeth extractions.

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Teeth Whitening

While teeth are not naturally completely white, many people desire a perfectly white smile, which can be easily achieved through our teeth whitening services. Bleaching products are peroxide-based and can alter the color of the tooth itself. Vital bleaching is done on live teeth that have been stained by tobacco or food while non-vital bleaching is done on "non-living" teeth that have become discolored after root canal therapy.

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